Friday, September 30, 2011

Your claim is false

you claim to of had strict parents. You claim to of been raised right. You claim to be so great at everything. These claims you make, oh ha their false, you know? Greed, and ignorance is what I see in you. You are on the streets doing what you do on a regular routine. Listening to the musical lyrics of lust and greed. Throw out your anger upon anyone who angers you. You are so easy to read, my friend. Claims you make ,I have squashed. The claims you make are how you are a greedy, incompetent, hypocrite. This being true, you probably don't even understand true love, one of the most blissful parts of life. I pity your ignorance you stupid fool. Develop real beliefs and understanding, stop the ignorance and false claims. Please become someone with an understanding, rather then a fool with no clue.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Party today in my heart party ina while inside our home

I will never fail to love you as you can see im so dedicated. I wont let you fall depressed without my help. I will be here to love you forever you see I shall not leave you nor let you down and ill always make sure im doing everything I can for you. I wont let you become suicidal I will not let you fail. I will give everything up to move across the country for you . I follow you where you go when I turn 18. If it is the Uk or just another state , just see me, look in front of you my bags are packed and I am saying "let's go my love" " Fuck were we come from as we have left it behind, our horrible lives are now changing and my smile is only there because of yours." I owe my love my complete love my heart body mind and soul as forever are for him, I aim to make them smile as much as I can, as well as my friends.

Love rules my world

I have been with my current boyfriend for almost 6 months now and I have been is love and it is just amazing. I hope this does last for years and years. He recently moved to Illinois, but I will join him when I am 18. I was wondering if anyone knows how I may do something for his birthday tomorrow seeing as there is a distance problem. I really am wanting to do something special for him if i can.