Saturday, October 29, 2011

You dont see what I see.

Do you believe you know me truly? no you do not. you see what mask I put on when I am out in the open world and not closed in to my friends and or lover. You can't see the things I see as we are looking with two different mind sets. This mask protects everything I am from people like you and thats a fact. The mask is all a show and my fake is so real its beyond fake. You probally won't ever know unless I tell you. My friends and lvoer know me behind the mask, but no you just don't. Man overboard, if you think you know me. I am decieving arent I? Ha ha you will never see what I am behind this mask unless I allow it. You shall look and believe this act and ill keep laughing at the ignorance you show daily. People like you make me shake my head in absolute laughter out of your own stupidity. The values you have are messed up and your greed is simple disgusting. If I took this mask out wed probably be at war when you see the things I wanna tell you. the things I breath under this mask are words which would spark you into war. I am your worst enemy in disguise.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Age is becoming mostly about restrictions. Love, friends, and many other things. I don't understand why it matters much past a certain point like 14 or 15. We do start developing opinions and values as teenagers and such. Why is it we can't even sometimes have friends above or below our age group? I think we can live together as friends no matter the age. Love sometimes to me can break this idea of mine if the two are not really in love or one side is using the other. The two people if really in love, and do not just want their body then I see no problem with it, some people only see the age, but I can see the love and care. I see no problem in friends and love when it comes to age so long as the feelings are genuine. This I think is something society should consider before making rash judgements, but sadly they wont as alot of people would counter arguement this. I say were ntot all of the same maturity level if the same orclose in age, we all develop at different speeds usually, and should be respected as much as anyone else with out lives and beliefs.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Theres no possesion only obsession

I think alot of people im around could really take a lesson from this song....  greedy people.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Magically I turn tragedies into melodies

This statement be a  bit narcissistic  but I find it true sometimes. I always look for a solution and try not to fight, thus I usually find I turn tragedies into melodies. I can't see any other way of living, this to me is simply easier to do then the alternatives. Magically I turn tragedy into melody, it comes so naturally, so smooth and casually. I will always try to do this, I may not always succeed, but it is always worth a try. I usually find things to be a lot better off  when I do. Magically I do this to my own eyes and I love to turn the depression into smiles of laughter. This is the life for me and to make a smile rather then a tear is always going to be  better in my book.

Monday, October 10, 2011

People who just dont seem to understand life at all really annoy me. People who live in greed and lust, just sex , drugs, and money. These people disgust me to the point i wonder if their is any hope for them. I do not simply understand why these people like such a greedy lustful lifestyle. I wonder what is it is they think will just come naturally, but in the real world this shit doesn't get though the hard times in life. They will get lost in this fucked up world, or find a right path, and when they do come to their consequences face to face I do hope they get nothing but what they deserve.

Friday, October 7, 2011

When the day comes please stop the time

When i am with you my lover on that day i am with you in the night to never leave you in a physical sense to add to the emotional sense. Stop the time i want that night to last forever and ever so dont unfreeze it till im passed out exhausted my head on your chest. I will make you happy i will pleasure you i will serve you and love you to the fullest extent, just always love me and i shall do my job for you .You are my reason for living my beautiful, sexy, amazing, shivering inducing lover.