Monday, November 28, 2011

Cut my wings

I'm so high, dare anybody to try and cut my wings. You say this stuff, and you don't even know. You fail at this game we call life. I will leave, and you will be in hell. I leave you to burn in hell on earth. I'm so high so sky high. You will see me leave for all you did was make me resent you , and cry in pain. I see nothing but happy times ahead for me. You not so much. The time will come for me to go miles away. You will be stuck here with nothing, but maybe you'll survive. You just wont take from my future happiness.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Link fail

The link I put in my last post kinda failed so here is the correct link.

Friday, November 25, 2011

let the beat fill you

Stand and listen, sit and listen.Let it infect your mind and body until you move to the beat. I got this feeling, somebody dance with me. Let this night be your imagination's day dreams. This night will be one of your best. Do not stop listening, I win this round. I started the trance, and your in my trap. I wanna do it like we did it in Vegas, says the music. You dance, and clap along unknowingly in a trance. Time for you to dance faster. Boom boom boom boom boom goes the bass. Sway your hips back and forth. I got you again, and captured your minds. Electronic sounds fill your ears, and you fall deeper in my trap. What is this you ask? Your in my world, and I am your dj! I am your dj!. I am your dj! I am your dj!. You in my house, and under my control. Dance and party to your heart's content. You can thank me when you find yourself having fun, and never wanting to stop. Lamdada lambada ooh oohhh, let's go says the music. Beta reaches climax, and you dance stronger, harder, better, and faster. You sway your hips back, and forth. I captured your minds tonight. You will thank me when your dancing on the dance floor socializing having the time of your life. I put those smiles on your faces, and for that I am glad. I want you to scream dj masa! I love you guys when you do, because it shows i've done a great job. This music isnt rap, its electronic remixes, and pure ear Ecstasy. This is what you have heard as a sample, hahahaha! I had you in my trance. The thing is though , i'm just a raver singing na na hey, who is living their dream as an electronic/ trance techno dj. Rave the night away, and i garantee you will be field with happiness for atleast the night. (disregard the title)

Amusing song

If anyone remembers star fox i thought you might find this funny.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Im sick of you.

This is pretty much a description of my feelings atm without the drugs part. I cant get through to what they call my mother. I honestly have tried, and now I am just not trying anymore as it is proving useless to attempt to work it out countless times.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My name is masa

The music helps me so much in life, every electronic sound and every beat is like one step further. My mind races and I dance so much it is such a pleasant feeling my whole body feels invigorated. I feel overcome by a feeling that is just satisfaction in my soul is the only way I can explain it. Music is my therapy alongside my friends. The electronic sounds mixed with the bass is such a wonderful sound, and feeling. The occasionally mixed in lyrics is just so great. I wanna dance around to the beat to my heart's content. The occasional love song in electronic forms is always a pleasure as well.It is like ecstasy in my ears to put it in a dirty minded way. I find this to very therapeutic for me. The steps are the beats, the beats are the steps of my life I take. The music simply makes me think of all the steps ill take after every beat. Music and friends, as well as love are my life. I'm just a raver singing na na hey, I jump around to this crazy sound of mine all day. This is my legacy, I am Masa. Masa is who I am, I am a raver, a lover, and a person with values. I am a furry and gay, so proud to be both. I love my friends and my lover, they basically complete what is missing of me when I feel empty. I do have a warning for you, I am crazy and I have no sanity. They say fake it to make it, well I fake my sanity, but trust me having no sanity is fun as can bhe for me. I am weird, and proud. Fuck with my friends, I will make sure your terrified of me, k? *grins*. I also get a bit feminine at times depending on my mood, guess it comes with being gay. If i show you my true self, it means I probably like you and, maybe trust you. Feel special in that case, this will be in my legacy to show you who I truly am or at least let you know of my true self.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Never gonna live this down

I helped him for years I was his friend. You wanna protect him from the real world? Good luck with that, be cause he will learn to despise you. The things i did was only telling him to follow his heart and helping him through it all. Heart break is apart of life and if he was going to get it or not he will never know aand you ban him form taking to me. You will never live it down when you see his tears for what have you done is took away his love and his best friend. She never did anything to him, and I only tried to help. When he cries I hope you cry as well. The pain you will feel is just as real as his.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I will fight for you till you tell me to go

I will fight life and the issues until you say and if you say you want me gone. I love you so, and I will fight for you to my last breath. I will do what I must to be with you and I will prove my love, and loyalty to you. Your happiness is what I live for so long as I have your love I can succeed. I will not die knowing I still have you to live for and for this I will win the fight. I surrender my body,mind, heart, and soul all to you in the name of love my sweet lovely wolf lover.