Thursday, January 12, 2012

The pup within my soul

I am inside a frightened, stubborn, hyperactive, curious, and loving pup. It is what you would call my fursona. I am a furry and thus being a furry is part of furry fandom. The interest in animals with a human like nature. We take on fursona's sometimes of the animal we feel we are. You see those drawing their fursonas among other furry related things. Some wear fur suits, others do not do so. We are very proud to be who we are.I am a lab pup, and i feel this inside. I am curious as a pup, and always wandering mind wise, and physically. Free soul inside of me as i see it. I am a loving pup, and always looking for attention. I feel this way inside so strongly ,and it is amazing to embrace it. I will put my paws up and howl out, as I do so love being this pup inside of me.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

liar, liar, my rage is on fire

Lied to me? Love me? I call bullshit! oh my lord, you say you love me?! Is this true? NOPE! You lied, and now I have reason to believe you are cheating on me. You goddamned bitch, how can you dare? Crash my car through your window! Finger on the trigger to my dear romeo. You should of told me you didn't want me. I must find your excuse for the evidence, and decide if your not lying to me. I am no fool, I copied the evidence, and saved it. You can't lie as I have proof. Your game is over if it is your game. CHOOSE YOUR FATE! I will not stand by, and let you walk all over me. They told me to leave you so many times before. This is unacceptable you fucking bastard. I will find out if you are being true to me. If you are not, You will not have me anymore. You stole my heart, but I had it first.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You still love me?

Never is the same with you now.
What was it like to feel your love.
How does it feel to know were falling aprt.
I gave you the chance to leave and youd didnt so I must make this work.
Something I cannot forget, is your love you got me addicted to.
Make sure you still love me, you do , and I wanna loose my mind.
Sitting in this room playing russianr outlette, fingero n the trigger to my dear romeo.
I had it ready to end what we have, the words you said that you still love me.
I went, and accepted this.
Now I must make it work for us.
I cannot feel what you've done to me......
so for now take this down a notch.
Show me the love you once did.
This is not romance novel, but i say why can't it be.
I love you still..... my heart aches.
You must show the same love to me you once did.
Id lay my life for you and only you
You own me, inside and out.
Only you own me.
Heart and all, so come ona nd appriciate this.
Family means fucking shit to me!
all i have is you, so come on please im desperate show me you care it is insanely dirving me out of control.
I want your touch, i want your hand in mine.
I save everything I have, because you still say you love me.
Choose our fate.....